NEW FREE TRAINING: For Salon Owners, Hair Stylists & Curly Hair Specialists!

FREE 52-MIN CLASS: "Curl x Curl Cut" Technique

In less than 60 minutes, learn how Master Stylist, Curly Hair Expert, and Board Certified Master Colorist Melanie Nickels performs the "curl-by-individual-curl" technique that gives her clients the big, beautiful, bouncy curls that keep them coming back again & again!

Here is what you will find in the 'How To Dry Cut Curly Hair' training, taught by Curly Hair Specialist Melanie Nickels:

  • How to section curly hair (at 3:57)

  • Cutting balanced and layered (16:07)

  • The Biggest Misconceptions people have about curly hair (answered at 25:18)

  • At 31:41, Melanie speaks about why additional training differentiates yourself from the crowd

  • The differences between cutting curly hair dry vs. cutting hair wet (38:10)

  • Melanie talks about how to get more people to come in to the salon (43:53)

  • Finally, at 50:16, Melanie explains about how to become a curly hair specialist

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