NEW FREE TRAINING - Curly Hair 101: The Curly Hair Technique Every Stylist Needs!

TRAINING: How To Cut "Curl By Individual Curl"

(w/ Curly Hair Expert Melanie Nickels)

In less than 60 minutes, learn how Master Stylist, Curly Hair Expert, and Board Certified Master Colorist Melanie Nickels performs the "curl-by-individual-curl" technique that gives her clients the big, beautiful, bouncy curls that keep them coming back again & again!

This is just one of the curly hair techniques that we teach to our members inside The Curl Institute... I use this exact same technique every single day behind the chair at my multi-7-figure salon in Naples, FL that helps to give my clients those big, beautiful, bouncy curls that keep them coming back again & again!

We can take you

From This One Technique... to a Thriving Business!

Our 52-minute Curl by Individual Curl Cut training is just a sample of what's inside...

With The Curl Institute's Curly Hair Mastery Workshop, you're not just learning techniques and skills; you're setting up for real, measurable success.

Just think: constantly booked salon chairs, rave client reviews, and a yearly income that'll make you smile. 😊

Dive in, and let's transform those curls into consistent cash flow!


For Hair Stylists, Curly Hair Specialists & Salon Owners

🎉 Hey There, Curly Hair Conqueror!

You've just unlocked the secrets of the "Curl By Individual Curl" Cut technique with Melanie Nickels, and we bet you're feeling that spark of excitement. Those big, beautiful, bouncy curls are no longer a mystery, right? But wait, there's more to this curly adventure!

Welcome to The Curl Institute!🎓

Beyond just a technique, we're about crafting you into a Certified Curly Hair Specialist. Imagine your salon chairs filled, your book filled with back-to-back appointments, and earnings that soar above 200k each year. With The Curl Institute, this vision becomes your everyday reality.

What's in Store For You?

1. Intensive 14-30 Days Course & Support Community

In as little as two weeks to a month, you'll master the art of curly hair styling. And guess what? You won't be alone. Our community is filled with experts and fellow stylists, all ready to help you out. Bi-weekly LIVE videos, Q&As, and access to Melanie herself. It's like having a curly hair family!

2. Curly Hair Mastery Course

Curls have personalities, and we'll teach you how to speak their language. Dive deep into the world of curls, learn their needs, and become the stylist they've been waiting for.

3. High Earnings Blueprint

Money talks, and we're listening. We'll hand you the roadmap to earning over 200k per year. Attracting clients, setting profitable prices, managing time – we've got it all covered.

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The Curl institute Membership

This membership is valued at $11,597, but for you, it's just $147/year. Here is a summary of what's inside:


The Curly Hair Mastery Workshop

Curly Hair Mastery Course Outline --

Course Introduction

  • Download This Workbook Before You Begin

  • Welcome to the Course

  • About Your Instructor

  • Outline and Objectives

The Fundamentals

  • Product Knowledge

  • Ingredients To Avoid

  • Mannequin Demonstration

  • Curl Typing

The What. The Why. The How.

  • The Raw Curls Cutting Philosophy

  • Raw Curls Cut Process

  • Raw Curls Dry Cut On A Live Model

  • Raw Curls Cut On A Live Model

Advanced Tips

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Course Wrap Up

  • Wrapping Things Up

This course should be sold for $1097, but for you, it's included with your annual membership with The Curl Institute!


An Additional 10% Off Raw Curls Wholesale Pricing

For an unlimited potential value for you and your salon, a Curl Institute membership allows for you to purchase high-quality curly hair products at 10% below wholesale value that you can resell at premium prices to your happy curly clients!

In addition to this great deal, for certain products, there will be opportunities to get up to an additional 10% off the membership reduced wholesale prices so you can either increase the profits on each sale, or you opt to pass on the savings to your customers! Either way, this is a great deal!


Live Support from The Curl Institute founder &

The Curl Institute Private Community

In addition to the Curl Hair Mastery Workshop training, you will also gain direct access to Melanie Nickels, the award-winning Curly Hair Specialist with a multi-7 figure Curly Hair Salon in Naples, FL that founded The Curl Institute!

This private group includes bi-weekly live videos with laser-sessions / Q&As with Melanie, where you can ask professional questions and get the help you need from an Expert who has over 26 year of experience behind the chair, and has used it to build a multi-7-figure curly hair business from scratch. Here, you can get help from the "practitioners" that have actually DONE IT in the past and have achieved the goals you are working towards.

This type of support ALONE can help you to add another 5 figures to your current income behind the chair. That means less empty chairs, more $2,000 days!


Early Access to Level 2 Curly Hair Coloring Workshop

By purchasing this exact offer (The Curl Institute Membership) -- You will also get early access to the exclusive online Level 2 Curly Hair Coloring Workshop, taught by ABCH Board Certified Master Colorist & Haircolor-Educator-Exam Judge Melanie Nickels (one of only 19 stylists ever to earn this designation).

Not only will this training provide an in-depth training on how to color hair -- Melanie will also use her 26 years of experience in the Curly Hair industry to apply the training to hair of different textures, lengths and curl types.

*The online class will be released on or about December 15th, 2023.


For your The Curl Institute membership, you get a total value of $11,597. Here is a summary of all you get with your The Curl Institute Membership:

For your membership, you get MASSIVE value. For Brevity, here is a summary of all you get with your The Curl Institute Membership:

  • The Curly Hair Mastery Workshop (Valued At $1,097)

  • An Additional 10% Off The Already Heavily Discounted Raw Curls Wholesale Pricing (Unlimited Potential Value!)

  • Live Support from the Multi-7-Figure Curly Hair Veteran and The Curl Institute Founder & Exclusive Access to The Curl Institute Private Community ($10,000+ Value)

  • Early Access to Level 2 Curly Hair Coloring Workshop (Valued At $499)

For your membership, you get a total value of $11,597. Here is a summary of all you get with your The Curl Institute Membership:

...but for you, it's just $147/year!


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Hands-down this is the BEST Curly Hair Diffuser on the planet!

Created by Top Curl Specialist Chadwick Pendley, and is promoted by The Curl Institute founder Melanie Nickels from The Curly Hair Q&A Show, this CiC Beauty 3-in-1 Curly Hair Diffuser won the 2019 Best Of award (the equivalent of an Oscar) for Best New Innovation in Hair Tools!

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Because we believe in you. We know that empty chairs and calendars are not your destiny. We know that you have the passion and the drive to become a top-tier Curly Hair Specialist. And we're here to make it happen.

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Melanie & Ken Nickels

The Curl Institute

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Your Instructor:

Melanie Nickels

Renowned Curly Stylist

Founder, Raw Hair Organics

For over 22 years, Melanie Nickels has been a tireless trailblazer in the professional Hair & Beauty world.

After earning two college degrees in Accounting & Business Management, Melanie went on to Cosmetology School and graduated top of her class at the #1 Aveda Institute in the United States. Afterward, she was personally trained one-on-one by a U.S. and British National Hairdressing Champion who worked side-by-side with Vidal Sassoon.

Soon afterward, Melanie worked as a Professional Stylist on the hit Broadway show “42nd Street”, and was a SAG union member.

 16 years ago, she earned the designation of American Board Certified Master Haircolorist, and soon after became an educator for the organization. Melanie was the very first person to introduce non-toxic and ammonia-free hair color to the ABCH organization. Melanie is a former judge / exam evaluator for the ABCH (one of only 19 people to ever be awarded that designation ). 

She is the founder of the Raw Hair Organic Salon in Naples, Florida, one of the very first organic / non-toxic hair salons in the U.S, and is widely regarded as one of the top Curly & Natural hair salons in the country, with a daily world-wide clientele.

Melanie has created over 75 natural & organic hair, beauty, skin, and pet products, sold in over 100 countries world-wide, including the Raw Curls organic brand for curly & natural hair, and RH Organics Skin Care, a line of the highest quality natural & organic anti-aging products in the market, at an affordable price.

She is the founder of the Raw Curls Academy (now The Curl Institute), a professional stylist training program that teaches licensed stylists how to cut, color, and style curly hair.

Melanie is the Expert Panelist on the award-winning weekly Curly Hair Q&A Show, that was recognized as the “#2 Hair Industry Podcast that you Must Listen to in 2019”.

Testimonials From Past Students

"I'm so grateful I stumbled upon them. My life has been enriched!

"Devacurl, Curly Hair Artistry, Raw Curls: What do these 3 companies have in common?"

The answer, I have taken classes with all 3 of them.

Following is my honest review of each of these companies.

Devacurl⭐⭐½ : 7 stylist in the class: This was a 4 hour class:

The instructor was new and we were her first class and she did fine. We had 2 girls in the class who could not get the process of the cut and because of that we never got to the full wash and style. I wasn't shown the clipping technique and we didn't get to even finish our styling. That said I got a clear enough picture to do the cut okay. But 4 hours was not enough to learn a cut well. However I will be forever grateful for a new door opening up in my career.

Curly Hair Artisty ⭐⭐⭐½: 30 stylist in the class: This was a 2 ½ day event:

I learned a cutting technique that I haven't used since. The styling info was very valuable though. Wafaya Abdallah and Ron Suriano were very genuine and I enjoyed learning from them. Wafaya is super professional, kind, and has a wealth of info that she is willing to share.Ron is quirky, vulnerable, and real, a true artist in our industry. They are both extremely talented.The 3 day class was good, with a lot of business management and success info. A year and a half later I really feel like the cut itself wasn't a tool I'll ever use.

Raw Curls ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: 5 stylist: 2, 9 hour fully packed days:

Melanie Nickels was tireless and was amazing!!!

Let me say this, Melanie lost money on this class. $600 was way under priced for what they offer, they should raise their price to $1000.Melanie keeps her classes small, 4-5 stylist at a time. For her it isn't about the money. It's about sending out qualified stylist. Melanie spends 1 on 1 time through out the process with each of us. I learned a full cut that involved numerous techniques, techniques that I will use every day of my career! We did the cut 3 times and then got to cut each others hair. Melanie has been, by far, the best teacher I have had. There was no pomp and circumstances, no ego. She was kind, patient, clear, and dedicated to our individual success. She walked us through the processes step by step. I came out of this class a better qualified stylist.

Ken Nickels, Melanies husband, is so proud of his wife. They make a great team. Ken is a wonderful and passionate man, he loves doing all he can to support his wife and us as stylist. These 2 sacrafice a lot to bring useful knowledge to our curly girl community. Together they have developed the best curly haircare line I've used. Their Anti-frizz spray and conditioner are game changers. It's funny cause I was told in one of my other classes, by an instructor, that their conditioner wasn't moisturizing enough...WoW was that person clueless.
I hope many of you will give them a try. Melanie's resume is impressive, it is only exceeded by her humility and calming nature."

~ Raw Curls Academy graduate

"I have to say the knowledge and growth established from this experience is only beginning to flourish!"

- Tiffany

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fantastic experience in Naples Florida with the one and only Melanie and Ken Nickels! I have to say the knowledge and growth established from this experience is only beginning to flourish! I can’t wait to share everything from techniques to new products to my new found confidence in this field of artists! The humblest of people in this industry with such a passion for health and watching/helping others grow Melanie is by far one of the sweetest in the industry in my book!

"This was hands down the best class I've taken so far."

- Penny

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Don't you just love getting some new training? Here's some highlights from my class with Raw Curls Cutting class with Melanie Nickels & Ken Nickels. This was hands down the best class I've taken so far. Not only did I learn a lot, the tone they set was supportive. You know the classes you've been to where the instructor was like an arrogant rooster strutting around a stage? This is not how they are. Melanie presents her knowledge confidently yet with humility. If you're considering adding another class to your toolbox I highly recommend this one.

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